there's no such thing as a stupid question


Are your products made with 100% natural ingredients?                      

Heck yeah they are! We are committed to using only natural ingredients.

Do you test on animals?

The only animals we test on are humans. We are cruelty-free and we source all of our ingredients from suppliers who share this commitment.  

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in New York, USA. 

Where do you source your beach sand for Glow Coco?

We currently source local beach sand from sunny Florida. Our sand goes through a clean washing process to get rid of anything fishy.  

Can I use your products if I am pregnant?

CONGRATS! Please review our ingredient list. Some of our products will contain natural oils and essential oils. We highly recommend you consult with your physician. 

What is the shelf- life of DUA products?

Because we do not use any synthetic preservatives, shelf-life for our products ranges between 6-12 months. 

I'm allergic to nuts....

Check ingredient list, patch test first. We like nuts, some of our products contain nuts and if you're allergic to nuts don't go nuts about this. 

Why haven't I received my package yet?

Oh-Oh, don't panic. If you did not get an email confirmation from us about your order please email us at If you have a tracking number please refer to the tracking number and contact your local post office for status updates.